Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Behavior Genetics

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It is possible to tell where one receives his physical traits from. One can look at a person, then at his parents, and see that he gets his brown hair from his father and blue eyes from his mother. There are other traits that people can receive from their parents that are not as easy to see. The idea that people can receive behavioral traits from one’s parents is the study of behavior genetics.

Early Genetics
One of the first people to study heritability was Sir Francis Galton. He was inspired by his cousin, Charles Darwin. His research was based around how certain genes were either passed down, or influenced. He widely popularized the term nature vs nurture, which is often brought up alongside behavior genetics. Galton studied the “probability that the son of a very highly-gifted father will be no less gifted” (Galton, 1902). He stated that the level of intelligence and achievement was not solely dependent on the success of the father, but also “(1) the quality of the mother, (2) that of the paternal ancestry, (3) that of the maternal ancestry” (Galton, 1902). He also tried to do studies on twins, but those ideas could not be fully developed because he was unaware of the difference between identical and fraternal twins. Galton wrote a book called Hereditary Genius in 1869, based off of his studies of success and talent in families. The…
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