Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Charles Darwin is remembered for his theory of evolution. Much controversy surrounds Darwin 's theory. Questions abound. Is evolution a four billion year old process, creating life forms primarily at random but each shaped by an ever-changing and complex environment, that has resulted in all of the wondrous life forms that surround us? Or are all of those beautiful elements of our nature, along with the vastness and majesty of the entire universe, a creation of an intellect of vast intelligence and empathy, one far greater than anyone can imagine? Questions are being asked. Did man really evolve from an ape? Or, is it that both man and ape are, along with all of the other flora and fauna, creations of a giant intellect that first perceived…show more content…
It was not a new idea with Darwin, that species developed from other species based on competitive survival within the stresses of an environment, but it was Darwin, after a lifetime of study and thought, who wrote the "Origin of the Species" and presented his theoretical argument to the public. At an early age he was able to study the Galapagos Islands, a small and isolated ecosystem, and the life-forms that existed there. He had quickly realized that if evolution as a theory could exist as truth, it would be evident here. His study there was done with that in mind - and a biased study will usually produce a biased and therefore often erroneous result. His theory, then, was based almost entirely on evidence obtained by observation during a short study of a tiny island fragment of the earth that was quite young from a geological standpoint. It was a very limited study of very limited scope of the condition of life on a partially isolated set of very small islands that had existed only a very short time. Any intelligent person knows that it is dangerous to extrapolate from the specific to the general. Because one may see the moon rise shortly after sunset on a particular night, it is foolish to believe and then try to convince everyone else in the world to also believe that it will do so at the same time every night, everywhere in the world and forever. Yet that is exactly what Darwin claimed.

Darwin 's
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