Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Darwin and his Followers Charles Darwin is one of the most well known names in the United States for good reason. His theory of evolution through natural selection was not only revolutionary in the scientific world, but were also applied to society by some of his followers in this country. Some of these applications were beneficial to society while others simply allowed people to use his teachings for their own goals. While not apparent at first, Darwin does believe in a meaning in life similar to Tolstoy, and does not have the same pessimism as Freud. However, Darwin’s followers in America do not share the same view, and use his findings to establish Social Darwinism in their country. This backdrop allows for many racist norms in the name of science, and allows for the occurrence of cases like that of Henrietta Lacks. Taking a look at Darwin’s The Origin of Species, his wording clearly shows that he is attempting to report his findings using only facts. In this work, Darwin aims to shed light on the origin of all species, but is very careful to only mention the origin of man very briefly. This avoidance can be explained by his fear of public reception to such a controversial new theory on all of life. At the time of his publication, the english speaking world is dominated by creationists firmly believing that God is the universal origin of all species. Despite his lack of God in his explanation of the origin of life, Darwin shows that he does believe in a…
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