Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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It is time to start believing. Evolutionary theories were first proposed by Charles Darwin in the 19th century, and 150 years later, these ideas are still being studied and proven today. Charles Darwin set the basis for these discoveries. Natural Selection and survival of the fittest are two examples of evolution. Charles Darwin once exclaimed, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” This and many accusations have set the tone for what has developed into one of the most resound theories in the history of science. Charles Darwin has benefitted modern society through his scientific discoveries such as his theory of evolution, his…show more content…
First, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection answered certain questions on how certain living things came to be. One thing that Darwin’s theory explained is why organisms have features such as wings, eyes, and kidneys (“Evolution”). This was a theory that shocked the world, as many people wondered how such things were created, but most believing that a God had created living things, and even believing in a different scientific theory, the big bang theory. Also, Darwin’s theory of natural selection explained the multiplicity of plants and animals (“Evolution”). Natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring, proving another one of Darwin’s theories, survival of the fittest. Survival of the fittest is the fact that the strongest organisms, mentally and physically, would survive longer by producing more offspring carrying the same genes as the parent organisms (“Evolution”). Survival of the fittest explains why in modern times, people and other organisms are smarter and stronger. Organisms have a better chance of survival when they have certain qualities that prove better than other of the same species. In this aspect, the theory of evolution by natural selection, proposed by Charles Darwin, has benefitted our modern society.
Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection and another one of his theories, sexual selection, have both
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