Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Charles Robert Darwin, the creator of the theory of evolution that has changed the way that we perceive the world as we know it. The naturalists think that we are all our own separate beings but the theory of evolution goes against what the naturalists think. Darwin believes that every species that exists today is just an evolution of their ancestor where we needed to adapt to different geological environments and living conditions to survive. This principle is called “Survival of the fittest” and links to the idea of natural selection which is the basic concept of evolution. The concept of natural selection is when given when a species changes to accommodate its environment to be able to survive, it can be weather conditions or even to be able to escape predators but eventually because of this the species evolves differently to be able to stay alive. Charles Darwin is the father of evolution who has shed light upon many things that help us to understand who we are and how we came to be today. In this paper I will be talking about his theory and how it works. The different view points about it which could be negative depending on what you believe in and further develop the concept of natural selection also evolution within itself and how different species had to evolve to adapt to the environmental conditions. Before starting on the Charles Darwin’s evolution theory I will first give background on who this man was. Born the 12th of February in 1809, Darwin wrote a very…
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