Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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When Charles Darwin formulated his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, he had adopted some assumed premises. The most important of all these premises was that all biological organisms have an innate imperative for survival, if not solely for themselves as individuals, then for their offspring, and ultimately, their species. Regardless of whether or not these biological entities are even aware of this “will to live and proliferate,” it is assumed to not only exist in all living things, but also to be their ultimate goal. Man, Homo sapien, a biological organism, would be expected to have the very same primary goal towards survival, yet, often times it seems man has a more important agenda– towards personal gain. Most scientists will…show more content…
But much like the Greek fable, at the bottom of this box of maladies and nasties lies the true gift – hope – but it may be man 's hubris and fear that, much like Pandora, slams the box shut before it can escape.
This hope against sickness and disease is, of course, vaccination. Few scientific words spark as much heated debate between scientists and lay people alike as vaccination, but over the past few decades, the practice has become the source of great scrutiny. But vaccinations have been used in medicine since Edward Jenner discovered that inoculation with cowpox could provide immunity to small pox in 1796, and not only have they been used, but they have grown exponentially, with vaccines for life threatening and debilitating diseases such as rabies, tetanus, polio, and influenza becoming available for the masses, with new vaccines being developed all the time. But the past 15 years have seen many parents opt out of vaccination, deciding to expose their children to many of the dangers that medical science has pushed to the brink of extinction. Obviously, it can be assumed that it is not because these parents have some sort of desire to prevent the survival of their offspring. In fact, the reason is most likely grounded in some belief that vaccinations can harm their children.
It has been known since vaccinations were first recommended and administered to children that there is a chance that they
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