Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Natural Selection

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Charles Darwin in his theory of natural selection said “ the fittest of the fittest will survive,” and year after year China has proven they are the fittest by climbing the economic ladder, as Mark Schwartz Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs and Chairman of Golden Sachs Asia Pacific, claims in his speech “China’s Economic Success and Opportunities,” “China is coming out of a period of rapid growth almost ten percent over the last thirty (30) years. In 2013 China’s gross domestic product (GDP) was 9.3 trillion dollars in size the second largest economy on the world and in 2013 China contributed 28% GDP to the world growth globally” (Schwartz). Was this growth due to rapid industrialization or the implementation of polices using Marxist and Keynesian perspectives or was it the authoritarian regime? However, it is China’s collectivist approach towards socialism that is responsible for their recent success.
Wing Thye Woo, author of “The Real Reasons For China’s Growth,” believes China’s economic growth could be due to privatization of the economy through experimentation that eventually creates a market reform. “This economic experimentation entails the privatization of most of the state-owned sector, which would interim reduce legal discrimination faced by non- state and non-collective forms of ownership. Implies that this privatization would eventually produce a market economy integrated in the internal division of labor and would increase China’s economic opening to the rest of…
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