Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Psychology

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1. What roles did Wundt and James play in establishing psychology?

Wilhelm Wundt played a key role in establishing psychology after his book Principles of Physiological Psychology argued that psychology should be studied as it 's own distinct scientific discipline rather than a sub-category of physiology. In 1879, Wundt founded the first laboratory of scientific psychological research at the University of Leipzig. He was very influential and over the years, thousands of students attended his lectures. People from across the globe went to Wundt to earn their doctorates. He even taught Edward B. Titchener, who founded his own school of psychology. These are all reasons why Wilhelm Wundt is considered "The Founder of Psychology".
William James played a key role in establishing psychology after he was fascinated with Wundt 's articles, "Recent advances in the Field of Physiological Psychology". He wasn 't only influenced by Wundt, but expanded those studies with his own thoughts and ideas. He emphasized on the influence of environmental adaptions on the mind. This idea sprouted from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. This eventually became the basis of his founded school of Functionalism. James also composed a textbook, Principles of Psychology which was the most popularly used textbook in psychology. It took him more than ten years to make. He was a very influential teacher who taught other outstanding figures in the field of psychology like G. Stanley Hall who founded the…
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