Charles Darwin 's Theory Of The Creation Of Species

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Seth Justus
English 2
Mr. Johnson
Project Eagle Final Paper: Charles Darwin Charles Darwin has become Christianity’s greatest enemy with his theories of the creation of species and has caused people to turn their backs on faith and look to science to be their religion. The way in which Darwin describes the creation of species in The Origin of Species does not agree with how species are created in Christian teachings. Charles Darwin’s theories have impacted so many different aspects of life from what we teach our children in school to our chosen faith.
Charles Darwin explains his theories on how different species are created in The Origin of Species. Darwin tells us that different species are created for a few different reasons. Darwin tells us that specie’s “struggle for existence” plays a major part in the creation of species. The “struggle for existence” is if a variation is helpful then it will probably reappear in future generations, but if it is unhelpful the species will have a harder time surviving and then reproducing. When offspring that have these helpful variations continuously reproduce this is known as Natural selection, nature is selecting the useful variations and getting rid of the non-helpful ones.
The “struggle for existence” is the accumulation of variations until a new species is created, but how do variations occur? Darwin explains that scientist thought that there are variations in species because of environmental reasons like climate,…
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