Charles Darwin 's Time ¸ And The Story By Ray Bradbury

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Years ago, Charles Darwin developed a theory of evolution. The strong will readjust and change while the weak die off. This became known as natural selection. The world is ever changing and in order to survive, one must adapt to their surroundings. Without doing so, the chances of survival are slim. Much like society today. Society has the top 1%, who are adjusting just fine to this ever changing world. But what about the other 99% of people? Majority of them are the ones struggling to change their life. Whether it be by going to school to earn a degree and a higher paying job, or cutting back on expenses to afford the necessities of life, one must adapt. Dystopian literature gives people an idea of what could happen in this ever growing, refined world. Most dystopian literatures install a sense of fear in people. A fear that society could be taken over by a select few, an unnatural force, or Mother Nature herself. The movie, In Time¸ and the story by Ray Bradbury, The Murderer, give chilling examples of what could, or could not, become of just Earth, but society as well. The film In Time takes place in the distant future. Time has replaced currency. Every person has a bright green clock on their arm showing how much time (or money) they have. Due to genetic engineering and scientific advances, once one turns 25, they stop aging. They are given a year left to live unless more time can be earned. The social classes are divided by time zones. The ghetto, or slums, live in

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