Charles Darwin's Influence On The Time Machine

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Fictional books can be heavily influenced by real life facts, events, and theories. By using a real life reference, the author is able to base their story off of it and give it their own twist to make it interesting. For example, the book The Time Machine by H.G. Wells was greatly influenced by the book: Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. This can be seen in the Time Traveler's thought process. The Time Traveler's theories about the Morlocks and Eloi clearly reflect Darwin's main points of evolution, natural selection, and survival. His theories of the two species show that humans will always continue to evolve, natural selection is at work, and that the surrounding climate and environment will influence an organism's ability to survive.

In the beginning, the Time Traveler ventures into the future and sees two different races of people: the Eloi and the Morlocks. From then, he theorizes that those two races evolved from one single race: humans. This reflects Darwin's idea that humans will continually evolve because it can be seen when the Time Traveler goes to the distant the future, he sees an evolved form of humans. Though the evolved form of humans may be drastically different and may have split into two different races, one can
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Natural selection slowly unfolds to be in favor of the Morlocks over the Eloi. The Time Traveler theorizes that the Eloi came from the previous rich humans that did no work so eventually became weak. While the Morlocks came from the poor working class that worked very hard so was strong. Natural selection can be seen in the Morlocks as they kept their favorable traits to survive and prosper. While the Eloi lost many of their skills of survival due to their circumstances and became weak. Eventually, it can be inferred that the Morlocks will continue to survive and be the dominant race, while the Eloi will slowly die off. All due to natural
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