Charles Darwin's Theory Of Christianity : Darwinism And Christianity

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Darwinism and Christianity Darwinism, named after Charles Darwin, was a theory of biological evolution which stated that all species develop through natural selection, the survival of organisms more likely to last due to mutations in their DNA. Although there were no objections to Microevolution, that is, changes within a species, when the idea of Macroevolution, or the Transmutation of species, the changes between species, was published, it was attacked and kept out of scientific mainstream for some time. Although Darwinism is often used to try and disprove or nullify religion (most often Christianity), Darwin himself believed that science had nothing to do with religion, and thought that someone could believe in both God and Evolution. Christians’ biggest issue with Darwinism was that they believed it was trying to disprove Christian history and give a ‘more correct’ explanation of human origins.
First, a little background. Christianity has a linear conception of time disrupted by great events, with three points of reference: the creation of Adam, Christ’s First Coming, and the end of the world, or Christ’s Second Coming. However, with the Theory of Progress that occurred, which said that people better in terms of life through development, the linear conception of time was replaced by a secular one, which rejected the Christian historical events. Dr. Seyyed Nasr believes that by reducing objective time to a quantitatively conceived linear time, is to lose sight of
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