Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection Essay

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Only in the past one hundred years have men finally put aside their Biblical and mythical tales about creation, and looked to the facts in order to piece together a logical explanation for the origin of mankind. In turn, men were now able to explain the enigma of their origin without the presence of a supernatural being responsible for their creation. At the head of a slew of men trying to uncover logical reasons for mans derivation was Charles Darwin. Darwin was the most accomplished of these men because he was able to put forth a logical conjecture that was based upon facts and observations. This theory, for a short time, was able to end the feud among educated men because many now put their trust in this new “theory of evolution”.…show more content…
Possibly it was some sort of supernatural being or force that chose man as the best species to rule. It is most likely that Darwin thought that an omnipotent being was responsible for the creation of man. Darwin is among the school of Deists that believe that God created man and then left him alone, and allowed evolution to commence. God instilled in man’s ancestor a series of traits that were beneficial at the time. With the passing of time when it became obvious that some of the chosen attributes were valuable they were retained. However, those characteristics and bodily structures that proved no longer useful evolved over many years into those that could further mans chance for survival.
If Darwin believed that the divine hand was responsible for choosing all of man’s traits, then what role does free will play in the theory of evolution. Darwin again states that man was in no way responsible for the characteristics that allowed him to rise to the top of the food chain so quickly. Man’s ancestor possessed these qualities, and they were then passed along to man because they proved to be beneficial in the game of survival. Darwin felt that the traits were chosen for man, but it was the human’s role to choose what to do with those attributes. Man could have remained content with the qualities given to him and live only with the intention of finding a mate and food in order to make sure that the species survived. However, man was able to use the
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