Charles Dickens ' A Great Writer

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Alex Broussard Broussard 1
Coach Masson
English 2/ hour 3
8 October 2015

Remembering Charles Dickens Charles Dickens is a famous author who wrote numerous books which were enjoyed by many throughout the years. His books are known xquisite characters and real-life settings. Charles experienced difficult times as a young boy (“Charles Dickens” par. 7). These difficult times followed him throughout his life. He uses ideas from these struggles to express his feelings through the books he writes. The many struggles of Charles Dickens’ early childhood greatly influenced his writing, making him a great novelist from the Victorian times. Charles Dickens had many early life struggles. His father was
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8). When his father was released from prison, Charles went to Wellington House Academy where he Broussard 2 attended school from 1824 to 1827 until his dad was imprisoned again for debt. He expresses these feelings of despair and loneliness in his novels and short stories. Many of these pieces, like “Great Expectations” and “Oliver Twist”, reference the poor and the oppressed (Merriman par. 5). Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol” displays his feelings about being poor during Christmas time. Charles references Scrooge’s nephew as a poor child, and Scrooge asks his nephew what he has to be merry about when he doesn’t have any money (Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” 4). “The forces that inspired Dickens to create a powerful, impressive and enduring tale were the profoundly humiliating experiences of his childhood, the plight of the poor, and their children during the boom decades of the 1830s and 1840s” (A Christmas Carol par. 5). Charles’ family grew up poor and Christmas time is typically not a good time for people who do not have money. Dickens used his story “A Christmas Carol” to voice his feelings about the poor during Christmas time while he was growing up (“A Christmas Carol” par. 4). Charles Dickens uses people from his life as character references for his books. For example, Charles uses his childhood memories of his father as one of the character references in “A Christmas Carol”. “While Dickens’
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