Charles Dickens Accomplishments Essay

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Charles Dickens is known as one of the world's most popular English writer, he is known for stories such as Great Expectations, Bleak House, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Curial and more. Throughout Dickens’s life all he wanted was to become successful; as a child, he worked hard to support his family. Although he struggled growing up he was determined to follow his dreams. Dickens started out writing newspaper articles and gradually started writing his own books in series. He was such an excellent writer that people couldn’t wait to see what storyline he’d created to happen in his next chapter.
Charles Dickens was born in a time of both change and impoverishment. Throughout the 19th century, it became harder and harder for people to survive. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, “cities were dirty, unsanitary, and overcrowded” (Life). In fact, the cities were so overwhelmed that they “had no place for the poor.” “In order for the less
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“The Industrial Revolution also created a huge demand for female and child labor”(Life). It was at this time when Dickens was pushed by his mother to quit school and start working, due to his father being thrown in jail. Because Dickens fell into the lower income category, keeping a job and even working in the jobs he did keep, was hard for him. It was actually stated in an article that “life for the poor and working classes continued to be filled with challenges. Wages for those that worked in factories were low and working conditions could be dangerous,” (Industrial Revolution 2). This was during the time where children and adults were dying due to working in dangerous work environments. On top of them having a dangerous job, they were not expected to work there long, especially if they weren't skilled workers. “Unskilled workers had little job security and were easily replaced” (Industrial
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