Charles Dickens And His Influence On Society

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Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth on Portsea Island, England. Charles Dickens was the son of his father John Dickens and his mother Elizabeth Barrow. Charles Dickens father was a naval clerk and his mother was aspired to be a teacher and a school director. Charles Dickens was the second child to be born of eight children. At the age of fifteen Charles Dickens was apprenticed as a law clerk in Doctor’s Commons. In 1836 through 1837 with Pickwick Papers Charles Dickens achieved immediate fame and became popular and was a well-respected writer of his time. Charles Dickens later became a reporter in Parliament. In 1855 he had begun a series of exhausting public readings. Charles Dickens was married to Catherine Hogarth and had ten children. During Dickens’s marriage he had a serial for Robert Seymour’s sporting drawings. In 1858 Charles Dickens and his wife separated. Charles Dickens achievements were known for his biting satire of social conditions as well as for his comic worldview. Charles Dickens fourteen completed novels and countless sketches, essays, and stories. Dickens emerged as a champion of generosity
Marshall 2 and warmth of spirit. Charles Dickens most memorable characters are those whose language or personality traits are superbly comic. Dickens later heroes or heroines are characterized by their movement towards self actualization. Charles Dickens was extremely popular in the United States, despite his ongoing attack of an…
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