Charles Dickens Biography

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He is living proof of childhood corruption and portrays himself as his young, mischievous, and perplexed characters Oliver Twist and David Copperfield. He proves that he is a product of the Victorian era as he brings attention to the childhood cruelty, the less fortunate in an English society, and the unwealthy dysfunctional families of the early Victorian time period. Charles Dickens reflects these and other issues as he brings to life the realism of writing. While others were writing about the way things should be, rather than the way things were, Dickens was challenging these ideas, and argued that paupers and criminals were not evil at birth. This was an act of rebellion, for he in fact was showing the Victorian middle class generation…show more content…
In the Victorian era, poverty became due to many reasons; a population increase, the search of employment, and a depressing state of the shortage of housing. All of these points had a direct impact to why there was the less fortunate in an English society. The nineteenth century saw a huge growth in the population of Great Britain, and this brought the poverty line lower and lower in cities such as London. Dickens, being affected by this, had a great impact on helping the less fortunate in the Victorian time period by bringing to life the realism of the problems that the paupers, criminals, and just plain poor people had. He did this through showing how the wealthy treated the poor with no respect and with cruelty through his characters such as Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Sowerberry in Oliver Twist. Although, Dickens brings attention to how not all upper or middle class people were always cruel to the poor, through his characters in Oliver Twist such as Mr. Sowerberry, who was quite kind to Oliver and was uneasy about being cross with him. Along with poverty being such an issue, there were also the unwealthy dysfunctional families of the Victorian time period.

Charles Dickens grew up in a home where money was never a concern, until his father went bankrupt and he was abandoned by his family which ultimately led to Dickens being a poor orphaned boy. Dickens's dysfunctional family must have led to such families as
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