Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Considering the meaning of inheritance, most people might argue that money is the best inheritance that they can get. Although money takes huge parts of human’s life, there are many values that are more valuable than just money. The novel, Great Expectation, starts with early life of Pip, an orphan who is raised by his sister and brother in law. Growing a dream of becoming a blacksmith like his brother-in-law, Pip was innocent and fulfilled with his plain and the peaceful life. However, after Pip meets several life-changing events, such as meeting with Miss Havisham and becoming a great heritor, Pip confronts with many inner conflicts and adapts to the new circumstances, which allow him to become a more sophisticated gentleman while losing the true happiness and pure heart. Pip significantly contributes to the several themes of this novel. Over the course of Great Expectations, Pip matures by learning that soon got soon gone, that one should take care of people who are easily thought to be taken for granted, and that the gentleman’s quality is not decided by one’s wealthy and fame. As Pip matures, he learns a lesson that soon got soon gone. Before a certain point of his life, Pip was an unworldly boy. Therefore, he was satisfied enough with his normal life with Joe and with his austere dream of becoming a blacksmith. The time when Pip realizes the importance and the necessity of the money is when Pip is invited by Ms. Havisham and sees Estella. Pip

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