Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens, an English author who is accountable for creating classics such as
Oliver twist, A Tale of two cities, and A Christmas Carol is regarded as one of the most influential authors ever. When Great expectations got published in 1861, it got mixed criticism but ever since the 20th century until the present it’s now received the “classic” status. Great
Expectations is a standout amongst the most well-known and tremendously cherished books by the immense expert of Victorian exposition, Charles Dickens. Like the majority of his extraordinary books, Great Expectations has Dickens ' splendid utilization of character and plot- - alongside a mind blowing awareness and understanding for the way that the British social class was assembled in the nineteenth century. This novel is about a young boy named Pip who finds himself being helped by a benefactor. The unspecified person then gives him currency to fund for his practices in gentlemen mannerisms. As the story progresses, Pip learns about adapting into this social class because of his wealth. He encounters Estella, his love interest and tries to figure out the mystery behind Miss Havisham. Along with other sub plots, Pip’s journey in the novel is a coming of age story and you can see the maturity and wisdom from him at the end of the novel. This novel has complex characters, fascinating symbols, sensible archetypes, and themes that are still and always relevant to society.

Great Expectations is set close
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