Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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The novel “Great Expectation” by Charles Dickens, is written from the perspective of an innocent boy, Pip, whose life is faced with different challenges and expectations. Growing up in a small village with a ruthless and violent sister who shows him little love causes him to be sensitive. In essence, the narrator not only begins to yearn for love and acceptance, but he also develops a high desire of becoming a gentleman in order to obtain genuine happiness. According to Pip, being a gentleman is the key to being acknowledged and accepted by his new found love as well as his only way to escape the village life. Subsequently, Pip’s dreams and hopes of becoming a rich gentleman living in the city are finally met even though his quest for true happiness is not. He is met by the busy, filthy and expensive life in the city. Furthermore, his character changes from a once innocent boy to a lavish and disorderly one. Moreover, he discovers that his benefactor, Abel Magwitch is none other than a criminal and his childhood love, Estella, who was his only motivation to becoming a gentleman, marries someone else. Nevertheless, even though Pip fails to meet his original expectations, his life’s challenges teaches him to be humble and appreciative, to work hard and to acknowledge true love. The narrator Pip, is a young boy and an orphan who lives with his ruthless and violent sister, Mrs. Joe, in a village full of marshes. Pip’s sister violently assaults and abuses him, and in turn Pip

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