Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens He was one of England 's greatest authors of the 1800 's, better known as the Victorian era. The various themes and ideas of that time are perfectly showcased in his many novels and short stories, such as Nicholas Nickelby, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and A Christmas Carol. Much of the inspiration for these works came from the trials and conflicts that he dealt with in his own life. His volumes of fictional writing show the great empathy with which he regarded the poor people of his time. His name was Charles Dickens. The Victorian Era was a time of social upheaval, booming manufacturing industries, and new worldviews on many topics. For the rich it was generally a prosperous time, but the poor and destitute were subject to many vulgar occupations and experiences ("English Victorian Society"). Dickens himself underwent numerous hard times, and showed his understanding for the impoverished in his collection of books. A large portion of Dickens ' inspiration for his works, namely Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickelby, and Oliver Twist, came from his own childhood and adolescence. He was born Charles John Huffam Dickens to parents John and Elizabeth on February 7, 1812. Charles was the second of their eight children. When he was a child, his family employed two servants. One was named Mary Weller and she was instrumental in Charles ' life. She told him
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