Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Emma Lynch
Mrs. Oliveros
British Literature H
February 24, 2016
Throughout Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, minor characters help in the development of Pip and his psychological state. The novel journeys with Pip as he grows from a poor, young boy to an adult in the upper class. Difficult situations, suspense, and dynamic characters fill the novel. Julian Moynahan, a professor emeritus of literature at Rutgers University, analyzed Dickens’ novel and produced excellent parallels between a select few of the characters in her work “Parallels Between Pip, Orlick and Drummle.” In particular, Moynahan elucidates the relationships between Pip and two subsidiary characters, Orlick and Drummle. Moynahan’s critical analysis of Charles DickensGreat Expectations describes parallels between Pip and minor characters, especially Orlick and Drummle, is cogent, yet the perspective that Pip’s psychology causes Miss Havisham’s death is arguable. It is apparent that Pip suffers a great deal of hardships throughout his life. His character never tries to hurt any one else, but he is indirectly connected with harm, due to his association with Orlick and Drummle. In the novel, the people who hurt Pip throughout his life get harmed, yet ironically, he never gets harmed himself. Moynahan expresses in one of the most famous and influential critical studies of Great Expectations, “that Pip, judged on the basis of what happens to many of the characters closely associated with him, is a

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