Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Throughout the years of one’s life in school, there has been exposure of at least one experience consisting of such a sensation that gives an atmosphere of a different time and place.Physically the person is in the present but mentally the experiencer is somewhere else absorbing knowledge of a different setting.This abstract adventure is seized by author Charles Dickens in Great Expectations. Great Expectations is historical fiction giving readers comprehension of the Victorian Era.Upon the reading, readers begin to catch on the intended purpose and its significance. A person who lived during the Victorian Era was Charles Dickens himself.He grew up during a time where differences in social class were to an extreme degree.Dickens went…show more content…
When Pip’s desire for a place in the upper class becomes a reality he is thought to have his whole life completed and figured out.He completely neglects and forgets his family only to find himself unhappy with his expectations.Pip goes on a transitioning journey with the result of his destination being self-discovery.The end contributes to the whole darker mood and tone of the book which is Dickens’s attempt to display it as more realistic.The end of his self discovery is not a happily-ever-after but rather a mistake which was meant to be learned.Likewise,Dickens himself goes through changes throughout the beginning and end of his career years.Dickens relates to Pip.He may not have been happy with some of his actions and decisions,he might’ve made mistakes but at the end has acknowledged that it lead to his self- discovery.The book is based upon Dickens’s reflexion of himself.Great Expectations is Dickens writing of an earlier time in the form of an older Pip looking back on his life during the early eighteen-hundreds with the message to readers that one will face bumps on the road in order to get to the designated destination. Great Expectations provides evidence of the author’s emotions and thoughts in reference to the differences in society during the Victorian era.Dickens emphasizes his perspective by using satire within texts and
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