Charles Dickens ' Hard Times

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May 1, 2015
Mr. Johnson
Dickens Calls for Desperate Measures in Hard Times “I want to change the world.” How many times is that line heard from small children, aspiring to be someone who achieves their maximum potential? If a child is asked how they might go about doing so they might respond with an answer that involves a superhero or princess who helps people for the greater good. As one grows and adapts to their surrounding society, the art of seeing the big picture including its flaws is often lost. This is because there is no hope of changing new philosophies or ideas that have taken over the world, even if they’re wrong. There was a man, however, who never lost the instinctual calling to change the world when it needed changing. Using his own weapon of a pen, Charles Dickens wrote the fictional novel Hard Times to warn people of the world they were living in and inspire them to change it. Through the novel, Hard Times, Charles Dickens reflects the many matters that are in need of managing in his present society. He illustrates the movement of the societal dystopia through the interaction of morally lost characters and their demanding surroundings. He addresses many controversial issues, but the most prevalent are the flaws in the class system, utilitarianism and the detrimental effects of industrialization. Set in the grim Victorian industrial city of Coketown, this societal branch of northern England falls under the influences of the…
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