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Charles Dickens' Hard Times The book "Hard Times" was written in 1854. It was written in weekly instalments in a magazine called Household Words. This is like a normal soap but was weekly. The magazine was owned by Charles Dickens as he was a journalist. The book was written at the time of the Industrial Revolution. This was when factories were being built near major towns and cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. The Industrial Revolution was a time when there were big improvements in transport as there was vast expansion in the production of iron. The factories were in the towns so people from the countryside came to the towns for work and a house. They moved because their own mills weren't making enough…show more content…
We find out later on that this is because he will have been taught by a "Gradgrind" type of system, which teaches only facts and no "Fancy". McChoakumchild has been taught to teach only facts and to keep teaching facts until the children cannot take any more facts. The aim of "Gradgrind" type systems are to tell the children "all they need to know" and nothing which is of any unimportance. Dickens also describes the classroom, he says it is a; "A bare, monotonous, vault of a classroom" This gives us the impression of a prison cell which sounds like no type of place to bring up children for seven hours a day and thirty-five hours a week. When we look back and compare this "prison cell" to our modern classrooms there is an obvious difference. The modern classrooms have interesting features such as colour, posters etc. This seems like a much better place to bring up children. Dickens then describes the children as being; "Little vessels. Ready to have imperial gallons of facts poured into them until they were full to the brim." This gives us an impression of jugs; ready to be filled with drink, the exact same job they were made to do. But, shouldn't children have an imagination and be able to think for themselves no to just learn facts. However he uses the word "Ready" so maybe the children wanted to be full of facts. Dickens then introduces us to two characters. Firstly we are introduced to "Sissy" Jupe. Mr Gradgrind speaks to "Sissy"

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