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Charles Dickens was an astounding author and titan of English literature throughout the Victorian era. Dickens was remarkably known for his early years, his career, and his life tragedies. During his career Dickens achieved worldwide popularity, winning acclaim for his rich storytelling and memorable characters. Dickens will forever be remembered as a literary genius who changed the world with his vivid novels and his superb stories.
Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in the Mile End Terrace in Portsmouth England (Sahlman 1). His father, John, was a clerk in the navy pay office and was stationed in Portsmouth, at the time being. John was a very friendly, good natured, well read man, and a loving husband.
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He worked there for several months and lived on his own throughout that time. Dickens found himself frightened by the horrific conditions of the factory. His experiences there led him to write some of his most famous works. (Hunter 67).
As Dickens grew older, he began to develop an interest in fine literature and theatre. He also enjoyed viewing various plays at several theaters throughout London. (Johnson 10). He would sometimes pay theater managers to allow him to appear on stage (Peare 30). Dickens soon realized his true intuitions about the career path he wanted to follow throughout his life. Dickens’s creative imagination and exceptional writing style gained him much fame as he entered the spotlight for the first time. (Levine 154).
In December of 1833, Dickens published his first story entitled A Dinner at Polar Walk. The following year, he became a political journalist, reporting on parliamentary debates and traveling across Britain to cover election campaigns. During the time when Britain was the major economic and political power of the world, Dickens highlighted the life of the poor and disadvantaged at the heart of the empire. A great deal of his journalism, in the form of sketches in periodicals, formed his first collection of pieces titled Sketches by Boz. (Hunter 69). The publication of these articles led to the creation of his first novel, The Pickwick
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