Charles Dickens Stylistic Devices Essay

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Charles Dickens and the making of the modern age Charles Dickens has used various stylistic devices in his literary works that he did between the year 1812-1870. He employed different styles just like any other author to make his point out using changing styles in literature. Most of the imagery and characters in his writings cannot be taken to be literal since they had some hidden meaning in them. He employed the dramatic technique in his novels, which took a form of more of cinema than pure theater like most of the literature works. There are a lot of dramatic picture scenes which ring into our minds when we study his novels like the Fagin’s den in the novel of Oliver Twist. These dramatic pictures convey meanings in themselves in this literature. There is also a gradual change in the style that Dickens employ in his works like changes in pronominal reference, elaboration, and nominalisation. This paper analyses the different styles used by Dickens in his novels those before the 1850 and those after 1850.
Oliver Twist In the novel of Oliver Twist, Dickens employ a stylistic device that is considered to be different to the stylistic device employed in other works by the same author. In this novel, he employed a shifting narrative voice, which makes
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During this time in which the novel is written, it was the time that England was undergoing an economic instability in the country, which was accompanied by widespread unemployment. The economic instability was brought about with the war that England had with France and the government imposed heavy taxes on its citizens which were greatly felt among the poor. There was a scarcity of food, which led to high prices of goods and many European markets for English goods were closed that led to the condition that was being described in the
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