Charles Dickens ' The Machine Man

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The Machine Man is about a man named Charles, Charles is a socially awkward and does not know how to bond with other human beings. Charles has never understood how to get along and connect with other human beings. Charles works for a company that makes advance prosthetics. Charles loses his leg because of a work related accident and gets a new robotic prosthetic leg. This springs his interest for his other limbs and parts to be replaced. He begins to be liked by the his fellow co-workers and he enjoys that. Charles starts to show selfish qualities and wants all new limbs no one elses has. Charles was not able to control his emotions and the emotions drove the limbs to follow his first irrational thought rather than letting him think through the situation and act rationally. Charles falls in love with Lola and connects with her more than he has ever connected with anyone. He does this because Lola and him are very similar in characteristics and personality. Lola only wants to help the needy people such as Charles, she only wishes to help him because she believes she can help everyone that needs her help. The company Charles works for ultimate goal is to make their own army of superhuman soldiers. Throughout the story Charles shows he only want the enhancements and for no one else to get them. Today we have companies that are trying to make real life super soldiers, but to do that emotions have to be taken away, what parts of the brain represent our certain emotions, and is…
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