Charles Dickens 's Life And Life

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Charles, son a divorced parents, second middle child of six siblings, the man of his mother’s household. Being the oldest of three boys, the youngest in his mother’s home, but also the man under his mother’s “roof,” as she would call it, the last thing he needed to have happen was lose a male role model in his life. Due to the living conditions, Charles would be to himself, quiet, awkward, antisocial, but loved sports. In school he would stay to himself, only talking to his sister, Angelica (she was two years ahead of him), for the time she would be attending school with him. After school Charles had nothing to look forward to besides going home to his toys, seeing his two oldest older sisters, and talking to his father on the phone for a couple minutes every day about anything they felt like talking about. Except on Fridays, on Fridays Charles and his sister Angelica would go to their father’s home after school and stay with him on the weekends. Charles didn’t want to be more like anyone then his father, he didn’t want to be closer to anyone then his father, and he didn’t want to talk to anyone more than to his father. To Charles those weekends with his Idol; his father were when he could be nothing but himself, a young boy who just wants to enjoy life.
One Friday after school Charles goes back to his mothers to pack (clothes) cloths, get some food, and be ready to leave to go to be with his dad. He waits an hour, no one calls. He waits a few more hours’ heart beating…
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