Charles Dickens 's Views On Social Relations Through Marriage And Kinship

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Charles Dickens had many opinions towards social relations. He showed compassion and pity to the less fortune. He portrays the social relations through marriage and kinship. Through the first marriage with Mr. and Mrs. Gradgrind Charles Dickens shows how an emotionless lifestyle can be troublesome. Mr. Gradfrind only cared about facts. He taught the kids that facts were the core of living. I agree somewhat that facts are very important but, just facts are not a proper life. Mr. Grandgrind home life was falling apart as you read on in the book. His wife admits that she is not happy within her marriage because of his fun less ways. His kids do not like him at all. He teaches his kids to not use their imagination or to play. This is not a happy warm family that we normally see in books. Which affects his kid’s actions leading up Tom robbing Bounderby’s bank. Another social relationship is the relationship between the people of Coke Town. The only thing that everyone can really connect to is money. That’s their only goal is making money or working in factories. They do not act like humans. They act more like machines clocking in and out at the same time going home and dinner then bed. No fun no imagination no nothing that makes us humans. Charles Dickens uses imagery in the beginning of the book to describe the town. When he talks about the red and black color of the faces of the people is an example. He uses image to show an unfriendly face on the people. Actually quite

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