Charles Dickerson's Greatest Fears

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There are many fears which lies in the human’s mind, but being alone is the worst fear of all. There is a middle aged man named Charles Dickerson, who is stuck by himself with no way out. While growing up, the Dickerson family was living a normal life until a day comes which tears their family apart. On the night of Friday 13, 1985 their house flew up into flames with only one way out, the front door. This wasn’t no ordinary house, this house had eyes and a mouth and had actions as if it were a human. The house’s eyes would be staring at you during your sleep and get inside of your head and made you have a terrible nightmare. While sitting alone in the darkness, you could be hearing people talk but no human being is here. While Charles’s dad was trying to get them out of the enormous flames, the house came alive it seemed and all the windows and door shut and locked and wasn’t going to open for no body. It’s like the house wanted the whole family to die. After the fire, Charles found himself hiding in his closet without any burns or even a mark of harm. When he came out in search of his family, he found himself looking at their burned bodies and wondering why nothing happened to him. This was the start of Charles Dickerson’s worst nightmare.…show more content…
The Kairos of this story will have you asking questions as if it was your own mystery. Just the House coming alive and the characteristics of a real human is on another level. The long windows from the ceiling to the floor and the door that leads to the mouth is a mystery. The mood of the character, Charles Dickerson, is an example of American Gothic. This middle aged man is stuck by himself which the house won’t let him out. Charles also has a fear of being alone because while growing up he never fit in with the “cool kids”, and was always picked on for talking to strange objects. Wonder who he
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