Charles Edmund Cullen : The Most Prolific Serial Killer

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Charles Edmund Cullen is best known as the most prolific serial killer in all of New Jersey history due to his high kill count and method of killing his victims. Cullen worked as a nurse in 10 hospitals over 16 years where he murdered 29 to 45 of his patients. Cullen killed his victims by giving them medications that would cause them to lethally overdose and die. Cullen pleaded guilty for the deaths of 22 of his patients in New Jersey, to which he was sentenced to 11 consecutive life terms on March 1st, 2006. Cullen was also sentenced to 7 life terms in prison for the seven murders in Pennsylvania. Cullen is also known as,”The Angel of Death” because of his motives of wanting to end his patients suffering. Charles Edmund Cullen was born in West Orange, New Jersey, where he was the youngest of eight children. His family were deeply religious Catholics, his father was a bus driver, and his mom stayed at home to care for the 8 children. Cullen’s father, Meme Cullen, raped him and then died while Cullen was only an infant. In interviews, Cullen describes that his childhood was miserable. Cullen attempted suicide for the first time at age 9 by drinking chemicals he had taken from a chemistry set. Throughout his life, he had attempted suicide 20 times, and when he started working as a nurse, he had often fantasized about stealing some of the hospital’s medication, and committing suicide with them. Cullen even had to be rushed to a hospital to have a major head surgery when he…

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