Charles Fayol And Max Weber Relevant Today 's World

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Management theories are forever changing due to changes in the corporate environment, but “are the early management theories espoused by such proponents as Henri Fayol, Mary Parker Follett and Max Weber relevant in today 's world?” All three of these historical figures were pioneers in management early in the 20th century, all came from extremely different backgrounds and even continents. They had very different priorities when it came to management, starting with Henri Fayol. Fayol was a French mining engineer, his theories were made independently of scientific management, and he was more committed to general management, he is also the founder of the management theory known as Fayolism. Mary Parker Follett was an American Social worker…show more content…
These ideas are still a major part in 21st century management structures. Even with 21st century issues that were not as prolific throughout the 20th century, such as diversity, technological advances, aging workforce and the emphasis people put on social responsibility in this day and age. It empowers employees to feel as if they are progressing within a business and aren’t in a dead end job. It also rewards effort and helps set specific guidelines so that an organization and its stakeholders are all striving to reach the same goals and reach optimal success. Weber had 9 main principles within his theories, those were; 1. Specialized roles. 2. Recruitment based on merit (e.g. tested through open competition). 3. Uniform principles of placement, promotion, and transfer in an administrative system. 4. Careerism with systematic salary structure. 5. Hierarchy, responsibility and accountability. 6. Subjection of official conduct to strict rules of discipline and control. 7. Supremacy of abstract rules. 8. Impersonal authority. 9. Political neutrality. All 9 of these principles are still being used in large corporations today such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, all three of these corporations recruit people in regards to their merits as well as making sure

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