Charles Gordon Is Not The Best Decision

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Sometimes one decides upon something that is not the best decision. One is blinded by the positive aspects but does not keep in mind the consequences that he/she might have to face. These decisions result in a horrible outcome or product. This relates to a thirty-seven-year-old man named Charles Gordon who is mentally challenged. He wants to become intelligent like his friends at the factory. Therefore, Charles decides to get a surgery done which will triple his Intelligence Quotient. This surgery has already been tried on a mouse named Algernon, making him the most intelligent mouse in history. Without seeing any complications in the surgery, the doctors carry out the experiment surgery on Charles Gordon. In the end, Charles Gordon was happiest before the surgery. Firstly, Charles wouldn’t have felt the sadness he felt when he found out about his ‘friends’ backstabbing him and then starting the petition. In his mind, he thought he had many friends who loved him for who he was but in reality they were just mocking him. “…Joe said Charles is a card when he is potted. I don’t know what that means but everybody likes me and we have fun” (p.13). After the surgery was terminated, Charles way of interpreting different angles of situations and circumstances advanced in a way that he was able to grasp the hidden meaning or truth behind a facade. Charles identified every single stunt and prank that his colleagues pulled on him. All those comments Joe and Frank made…

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