Charles Griffith: Investing In Financial Success

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Investing in Success
Through the years, I have been blessed to have been mentored and grandfathered by the most financially successful person whom I know on a personal level. Charles Griffith, or “Bap” as I call him, has been an excellent example for me. He has made a great impact on my life. Not only has he positively impacted my life, but he has positively impacted the lives of many others through his financial success. What someone does with his or her money is their business, but often times it is a good judge of character. The fact that Bap has chosen to be generous and giving with his financial success is why he is a financial role model of mine. I hope I can find similar financial success so that I will be able to help others the
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My family has always expected me to receive a college degree as well. I know that a college degree will require a lot of time and hard work, as does any other goal you set for yourself. This is something my grandfather has always told me; if you want something, set your mind to your goal and work hard until you achieve it.
Most of the older members of my family have achieved the feat of attaining a college degree. However, times have changed and nowadays paying for a college education has proved to be much more difficult than it used to be, and the price of college is only going up. A consideration that all future college students need to make is the price of different sizes of college. I will be attending Fort Hays State University just as Bap
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Some students will elect to take out student loans. While this can be helpful to some, it often times cripples other students. The positive side of student loans is that with them, basically anyone can go to college whether or not they have the income or the money in the bank to do so. However, the amount of debt some students find themselves in after graduation can prove to be very difficult for them to climb out of, and students will end up paying more than what they took out in loans due to interest.
The best options for paying for higher education are: scholarships, grants, help from parents, work studies and working a job to pay. Scholarships and grants are the best of all of these options, because they are free money. I am lucky enough to have all of my college paid for with scholarships. I received both a large academic and athletic scholarship to attend Fort Hays State University. The difference between scholarships and grants is that scholarships usually have to be earned through applications, academics, or activities. A grant is received usually based on need by filling out the

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