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IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION DIVERSE WORKFORCE ON OUTLETS Charles & Keith’s company has a priority on recruiting people to work in the company’s workforce through their rules and regulations. Their priority is to recruit people who have a true potential in handling the customers, numbers and visual merchandising. The company also accept the local and non-local employees to handle the outlets. Besides, the company should have a limitation to recruit the non-local employee based on government’s policies. CUSTOMER TYPE Globalization has a big impact on deciding the customer type of Charles & Keith’s Company. It has a big impact on their product development, career development, brand progression, and other practices. Charles &…show more content…
Communication between employees and the company is also very important, as this is the only way to find out problems the employees have, and also if the company can inform employees of their future plans, this can boost confidence and morale amongst employees. However, it must be understood that the communication between company and employees must be two ways, in forms of staff’s surveys, that certain level of privacy must be ensured, so employees can speak freely and also quarterly of at least half yearly staff meeting should be held to inform all employees of strategic action plan of company. This simple act of communication can increase employee satisfaction. Skills gap Charles & Keith are not hiring the correct type of people for the job, people that don’t fit their company image, people that are not equip with the right skills and experiences. Even though training will be provided, but the training provided is mostly on the job training, meaning, employees are sent out to serve customers with no actual training and get train only as they work, therefore there is skills gap. This causes a lot of problems, like long waiting time for customers, overcrowding store, frustrating employees and customers and all these problem causes lost of sales. Besides on the job training, orientations and mentoring should be provide before actual work commence, so the new

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