Charles Lindbergh Aviation History

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The aviation history started in 1783 with an inedited public demonstration by the Montgolfier brothers. They constructed the first lighter-than-air, a hot air balloon which brought new ideas in the course of time (“Museum of Flight,” 1965). In 1900, the first Zeppelin airship was built by Ferdinand Zeppelin. After two years, an important person who would be noteworthy in the aviation history would be born, named Charles Augustus Lindbergh. Lindbergh was an American man, who turned fall in love by aviation since he was young. On May 20-21, 1927, with twenty-five years, Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone and in a nonstop flight becoming famous internationally. Thereby, Charles Augustus Lindbergh is considered the best, of all time, aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean. To understand the why Lindbergh turned the best aviator of all time, it is necessary to know about his childhood and the events during his life. Lindbergh was born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 4, 1902. His parents were Charles August Lindbergh, a …show more content…

To Paris in 33 1/2 Hours; Flies 1,000 Miles Through Snow and Sleet; Cheering French Carry Him Off Field” published in The New York Times on May 22, 1927, the author Edwin James describes how was the sensation felt by Charles Lindbergh when he arrived in Paris with The Spirit of St. Louis “‘Well, I made it’, smiled Lindbergh, as the little white monoplane came to a halt in the middle of the field and the first vanguard reached the plane. Lindbergh made a move to jump out. Twenty hands reached for him and lifted him out as if he were a baby. Several thousands in a minute were around the plane. Thousands more broke the barriers of iron, rails round the field, cheering wildly.” Here it is evident how people in Paris were wishing Lindbergh success in his journey. As an American icon, Lindbergh was well received and contemplated for being the best aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone in a nonstop

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