Charles Louis Montesquieu And His Influence On The Creation Of American Government

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Charles-Louis Montesquieu lived in 18th century France and became one of the most influential political philosophers due to his influence on the creation of American government. Throughout his lifetime, Montesquieu wrote several books addressing various political topics. One such book, Lettres Persanes, has presented a challenge for many who read it. The language itself is easily understood; however, the true quest has been uncovering the underlying theme unifying the individual letters. The book addresses several issues through the use of satire, with the primary topic being the political corruption in France. While this is definitely part of the partially discovered theme, Montesquieu also addresses the volatile state of religion in France in this work. Pauline Kra, whose career focused on studying both Montesquieu and Voltaire, claims that there is a complex chain of ideas linking each letter. For many historians, such as Pauline Kra and Randolph Runyon, the purpose of delving into Lettres Persanes has been to uncover and solidify the connections through the letters. Few, if any, have examined and attempted to interpret the religious views Montesquieu presents in this novel. Based upon literary evidence, Montesquieu is conveying through the Lettres Persanes that there should be religious tolerance due to the similarities between most religions despite his agnosticism. Montesquieu was thirty-two when he originally wrote the Lettres Persanes in 1721. During his life

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