Charles Luciano: An Italian Mobster Essay

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Ever since I was a teenager, I partook in criminal activities. In the United States, I rose from a measly criminal, to a crime boss, eventually becoming the father of organized crime in the United States. My name is Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and this is my story. I was born in Lercara Friddi, Sicily to my parents Antonio and Rosalia Lucania. In Sicily, my father worked a job in the sulfur mines. However, a promise of a better life in America led my family to immigrate to the United States in 1907, when I was only ten years old. The trip was not that long, taking only 17 days, but it gave me a chance to dwell on what to expect from this move. After arriving at Ellis Island, my parents chose to settle in New York City at the Lower East Side…show more content…
Problems started to arise in 1923 when I accidently botched a drug deal. This deal was so important, and me messing it up wasn’t very good for my reputation. At this point, the criminal community wasn’t as fond of me as they used to be. In order to regain my reputation, Rothstein gave me the idea of buying high end seats for a boxing match to give to top gangsters and politicians. Rothstein also taught me how to dress properly in classy clothes. These two tactics in tandem allowed me to regain my reputation. Rothstein not only gave me the tools necessary to prosper during Prohibition, but he also saved me from going under in the criminal community. In 1928, my mentor Rothstein was murdered over a gambling debt. Of course, I was deeply saddened by this, but I couldn’t let this murder get in my way of rising up through the criminal ranks. As such, I quickly pledged loyalty back to Masseria. Since I had already worked with Masseria before, he knew what I was capable of. Due to this, I rose up through the ranks of his organization, becoming a top aide. During this time, Masseria was getting involved with a rival boss known as Salvatore Maranzano, escalating into the Castellammarese War. As these older mobsters fought it out, I began to make ties with other younger mobsters who began their careers in the United States, but were born in Italy. We became known as the Young Turks, aware of how our bosses were keeping

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