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A family of killers that swarmed California in the late 60s. This is no ordinary family. This family is lead by the notorious cult leader and manipulator mastermind Charles Manson. With his followers: Charles “Tex” Watson, Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel, Bernard Crowe, Leslie Van Houten, and Steve Grogan. This family would brutally kill innocent people they brought a reign of terror to California. (Crimemuseum)
Born November 12th, 1934 Charles Manson would become one of the most notorious killers of his time. Before Manson was even born the family he was going to be in was not a good one. Manson’s mother was a runaway named Kathleen Maddox. She got pregnant with Charles at the age
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He started with working with very successful musicians The Beach Boys. He wrote music for them and it was recorded and played by The Beach Boys. But not long after Manson would be back on a life of crime starting a hippy cult entitled “The Family.” This family would brutally murder individuals and send terror to everyone across the world. (Crimemuseum)
The first killing was the murder of The Manson Family friend Gary Hinman. Gary would let members of the Manson family stay over at his place. Manson needed money and he sent three of his members Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, and Susan Atkins over to Gary’s house try and to convince him to give them money. Gary didn’t cooperate and the three members of the family kept Gary hostage for days. Manson came with a sword and cut off Gary’s left ear. Eventually Beausoleil ended up murdering Gary Hinman by stabbing him with a knife twice in the chest. Once he was done he wrote on the wall with Gary’s blood the words “Political Piggy” and but a Black Panthers paw right next to it. Beausoleil soon after was caught and arrested. He was found in the Gary’s car sleeping wearing the same bloody clothing that we car during the murder. The murder weapon was also found. It was concealed in the trunk tire. (Crimemuseum)
The second murder, in a semi-isolated location located in the canyons of Beverly Hills is where the pregnant girlfriend of famous director Roman Polanski. On that night she was

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