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On the morning of August 9, 1969, three LAPD officers arrived at 10050 Cielo Drive (Bugliosi 7). The scene that awaited them was horrendous. In the driveway, in a parked car, the body of Steven Parent was found. He was shot four times and stabbed once. Laying about eighteen or twenty feet past the front door of the house, Voytek Frykowski had been shot twice, beaten over the head with a blunt object thirteen times, and stabbed fifty-one times. Also discovered on the lawn was coffee heiress Abigail Folger, stabbed twenty-eight times. Inside the home, in the living room, were the bodies of Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate. Sebring, a hair stylist, had been stabbed seven times and shot once, dying of exsanguination. Tate, who was eight…show more content…
45). The highest level of awareness in Scientology is called “theta clear.” Manson claims to have reached theta clear while in prison. He supposedly achieved this through many “auditing sessions,” the method that Scientologists use to teach awareness, taught by his cell mate, Lanier Rayner (Bugliosi 195-196). Most likely, he picked up many of his methods of mind control from these sessions, along with ideas such as karma and reincarnation (635). The Process Church of the Final Judgment, labeled a Satanist cult by the media, was founded in 1963 by Robert DeGrimston, a former Scientologist. The basis of this religion was the book of Matthew of the New Testament, and it began as a mixture of Zoroastrianism and Scientology. The name “The Process” refers to the “changes necessary to avoid the end of the world with its associated judgment.” Processeans worship Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan (“Process” par.17). Even though The Process fervently denies that Charles Manson was ever a member, many ideas from his philosophy parallel Process concepts. Both Manson and The Process taught of a violent and unavoidable Armageddon in which all but the few chosen ones would be destroyed, and both thought that motorcycle gangs would be the “troops of the last days.” One Process pamphlet described the second coming of

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