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Charles Manson Charles Manson has been named "the most dangerous man alive." Society referred to him as the devil. They believed he was the reason society was so bad in the 1960's. The 1950's to the 1960's was uncontrollably filled with violence. Our culture was shattered by the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. At the same time, body bags from Vietnam were building up from a war that was tearing our nation apart. Riots and antiwar protesters marched across America. Many people worried that the US was getting out of control. "The Sixties ended abruptly on August 9, 1969..." wrote Didon in The White Album. On August 8,1969, director Roman Polaski's housekeeper found…show more content…
At the age of twenty-six Charles Manson was sent to the US penitentiary. By 1959 Charles had been committed of rape, drug use, pimping, stealing, and fraud. Manson was emotionally insecure and was lacking attention. Manson had obsessions with music; the Beatles and his guitar. He hoped that in his future he would be employed in the music business. (UMKC) On March 21,1967, Charles was released from prison for the second time. The 32 year old went to San Francisco. Charles Manson protested his freedom, "Oh no, I can't go outside there..." "I know I won't be able to adjust to the world, not after I spent all of my life locked up and my mind was free. I am content to stay in the penitentiary, just to take my walks around the yard in the sunshine and play my guitar." The prison guards ignored Manson and unleashed the evil man into society once again. For Charles Manson, religion was a strong force that he used to manipulate the minds of his followers. When Charles was 34 he decided he wanted a family. Charles started to attract a group of followers, many of whom were young women with troubled lives, rebelling against their parents and society. All of Charlie's followers were weak willed people who were naïve, gullible, and easy to lead. Manson used LSD and amphetamines to alter his followers personalities. (Manson) Manson's "family" referred to Charles as "God" or "Jesus Christ." The family traveled around California trying to find

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