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Charles Manson is an extremely intelligent and persuasive man, that created his own cult and manipulated people to kill for him, which led to his never being found guilty of committing murder, although serving time in jail for conspiracy to commit murder. His followers carried out several notorious murders in the late 1960’s. The cult was known as the Manson Family. He was roughly in his thirties when the cult was recognized. Born in Ohio in 1934 he did not have much of a childhood. He lived out most of his childhood moving around. His mother couldn’t take care of him so Charles spent his youth at homes of various relatives. He also spent large amounts of time in special reform schools and boys homes. By the age nine Manson had already began stealing. Burglary and stealing cars were added to his repertoire. As he grew older his crimes became more frequent.…show more content…
His first marriage was in 1955 to Rosalie Willis, a waitress, and had a son named Charles Manson Jr. Even married Charles continued to steal cars and was sent to prison in 1956. While in prison Rosalie had found someone new and divorced Manson in 1957. After his release he began pimping, stealing checks from mailboxes, and conning women out of money. Manson later married again to Leona “Candy” Stevens. Charles and Candy had a son named Charles Luther Manson. In June 1, 1960 he was sent to Mcneil Island and while there he was divorced again. He did everything for a

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