Charles Manson : The Name Of Charles Mansonson

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The name of Charles Manson When you hear the name Charles Manson, you think of one the wickedest man to ever walk the face of the earth. His name is well known to the hearts of America; not in a positive way. More in a heart breaking and terrified way. Manson’s childhood, his behavior, his ability to control and manipulate people the way he did is something no one could understand. He organized a cult like family and constructed them to do brutal things to several people. Here is one question for the brain, is Charles Manson a killer? Did he use his looks to prey on young innocent girls to do his dirty work? November 12,1934, 16-year-old prostitute Kathleen Maddox gave birth to a baby boy (Allan,2010). When the baby was born she didn’t know what to name him, so she gave him the name “No Name” Maddox for the first weeks of his life. Soon after he was given the name Charles Milles Maddox. Charles did not know who his father was, but Kathleen would soon run of and get married to a man by the name of William Eugene Manson, who would give Charles his last name of Manson. Charles would use the last name Manson for the remainder of his life. Charles would go neglected for majority of his childhood life by his mother who was a severe alcoholic. During his life, Charles was tossed from relatives and foster homes. Kathleen and Charles were soon abandoned by William years after there marriage which caused Kathleen to go in deep depression. Only a teenager, Kathleen tried numerous

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