Essay on Charles Manson and the Manson Family

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Charles Manson and the Manson Family

“Jails, courtrooms and prisons had been my life since I was twelve years old.” (Emmons and Manson, 21) These are the words of Charles Milles Manson, a convicted serial killer who has never actually murdered a single person in his life. Manson was born “no name Maddox” on November 12, 1934, and has in fact been in prison for more than half of his life. (28) It was 1967, after Manson had just been released from the Federal Penitentiary at Terminal Island, San Pedro, when the “Manson Family” had begun to form. (85) In just two years the family would not only grow to a surprisingly large number, but become nationally known for the brutal murders of Sharon Tate, Voytek Frykowski, Jay Sebring,
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Patricia Diane Krenwinkel was born on December 3, 1947 to an insurance salesman father and a homemaker mother. At one point in her life she was very overweight, and overcame this problem only after getting hooked on diet pills supplied by her junkie sister. Even after she lost the weight young Patricia still felt very ugly and unloved. This was partly due to an endocrine problem that caused an excess of hair on her body. When Patricia was seventeen her parents divorced, so after graduating from Westchester High School she moved out her mother's home state of Alabama to attend a Catholic college there. She dropped out after her first semester and moved back to California. There she took a job as a secretary and shared a Manhattan Beach apartment with her heroin-addicted sister. Life was obviously less than ideal, and when Charlie Manson came knocking on her door, she readily answered. (Krenwinkel)

The first of five children (two sisters and two brothers), Bobby Beausoleil was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1947. Bobby displayed an interest in music at a very young age and eventually taught himself how to play the guitar. After the death of a grandmother Bobby moved to Los Angeles. There, he briefly played in a band with Arthur Lee, called Grass Roots. Grass Roots would later achieve fame under the name Love. Lee apparently named the group Love as a reference to
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