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Charles Manson became known worldwide after helping commit numerous gruesome murders near Hollywood, California. Although, Manson’s legal troubles did not start from that point, he had been in and out of institutions and prisons since the age of twelve, for many different reasons. “For, let out of prison in 1967, the year of ‘the summer of love,’ he became the most hated and vilified figure in America, a symbol of everything that had gone wrong in the ‘60s” (Smith). Even though his release from prison was short lived, he managed to do a lot of damage during his time of freedom. Manson received a life sentence in May of 1970 for the nine murders he helped execute (Baughman). Charles Manson is a well recognized name across the United States.…show more content…
The owner of the secluded home in Benedict Canyon was Roman Polanski, but Terry Melcher lived in the house before he sold it to Polanski. Six people were brutally murdered that night, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, all on Manson’s command (“Manson Family Murders”). Afterwards, Manson was delighted his only reason for killing everyone in the house was because it was once home to Terry Melcher. Melcher was a record producer who once denied to work with Manson many years before. Consequently Melcher’s denial made him another victim of Charles Manson's death list. Upon entering the house the police were shocked. “The police found a number of bizarre clues: DEATH TO PIGS, and RISE on the living room walls, and the misspelled HEALTER SKELTER on the refrigerator door, all printed in the blood of one of the victims” (Bugliosi 160).
Manson was happy with the death of those six people, but was upset with the sloppiness of that night’s murders (“Manson Family Murders”). “Last night was too messy, Manson told the group when they assembled back into their bunkhouse. This time I’m going to show you how to do it” (Bugliosi 355). After driving for hours Manson stopped at a house in the suburbs. He had his ‘Family’ drive around the block while he looked through the window. After a few minutes Manson returned to the car and told them that the house had pictures of children. He continued on to

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