Charles Murray And Ken Robinson

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Both Charles Murray and Ken Robinson have their opinions on what the major flaws are in the education system. Murray 's problem lies with the false accreditation of the BA, while Robinson 's problem revolves around the killing of creativity in schools. Murray and Robinson 's opinions are certainly different, however, they both share the same ultimate goal regarding education. This goal is to rid the education system of these issues in order to create a more effective system of learning. There are surely many problems with the education system today, and not all of them can be fixed in a short period of time. However, major situations such as this need to be dealt with in order to reach a solution in a timely manner. If both Murray and…show more content…
This goal can be met by building value in creativity , and finding a better way to measure student 's skills and knowledge. Finding a better way to measure skills and talents will be key in allowing students to cultivate their strengths and passions in life. Standardized testing is not effective for measuring the special talents and skills of students. New and efficient methods of measurement need to be implemented in order for students to recognize their special abilities. Charles Murray had the same thoughts about education. His problems with the education system are that the Bachelors 's Degree (BA) is not an accurate representation of a person 's overall intelligence. Murray thinks a person 's time is better used in apprenticeship than in four unnecessary years in college. Murray believes this false accreditation of the BA has taken the time away from students who have no interest in sitting in class for four years and has ruined the future of people who can simply not afford college. Murray 's solution to this problem is to reconstruct the overall worth of the BA, with the help of others. Murray 's ultimate goal is to alter the way employer 's measure a person 's competence in a particular field of work by more carefully considering their skills and talents. Overall, I think what Murray sees as the purpose of education is to teach students fundamental skills while preparing them for
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