Charles Murray And Ken Robinson

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Both Charles Murray and Ken Robinson have their opinions on what the major flaws are in the education system. Murray 's problem lies with the false accreditation of the BA, while Robinson 's problem revolves around the killing of creativity in schools. Murray and Robinson 's opinions are certainly different, however, they both share the same ultimate goal regarding education. This goal is to rid the education system of these issues in order to create a more effective system of learning. There are surely many problems with the education system today, and not all of them can be fixed in a short period of time. However, major situations such as this need to be dealt with in order to reach a solution in a timely manner. If both Murray and Robinson 's proposals are implemented, it will be a great change for the better. Although Murray and Robinson both provide substantive information to support their claims with their issues, they do not provide convincing solutions. For people such as Murray and Robinson, all they really can do is try to raise awareness. In order to dramatically change these issues, a person with authority in schools must take interest. Together these goals are all trying to establish the most effective education system possible. In order to make a change for the better, we must focus on the specifics of underlying issues. In my opinion, the main goal of education is to strengthen the minds and the skill sets of students, so they can face challenges,…
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