Charles Of The I Vs. Charles The II

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Judmir Bullari
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Charles the I vs. Charles the II

England has gone through many kings and leaders, some better than others obviously, for example when you compare Charles the first to his son who succeeded him years after his rule Charles the second. One key difference between the two is that Charles reign ended due to his execution, and his son was able to rule till he saw his deathbed, the reasons why are quite simple.

The Stuart monarchs of England restored peace and order to England after the civil wars that led to the execution of King Charles 1 in 1649, wars that continued even after the king was dead. The people of England were done with war, worried of revolutionaries and radicals, were ready to settle down, make money, and enjoy life. In 1660, the people brought back the son of King Charles the first from his exile in France, crowned him King Charles the II, and hailed him as their savior. To warn angry revolutionaries they dug up the corpse of Oliver Cromwell and cut his head off, he had ruled England between Charles 1 and Charles II. The Monarchy was restored without shedding a drop of blood in warfare.

Charles was the second son of King James the VI of Scotland. After his father inherited the English throne, Charles moved to England and spent most of the rest of his life there. He became heir to English, Irish, and also the Scottish thrones after the death of his older brother Henry Frederick. Charles was later…
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