Charles Perrault 's Cinderell The Little Glass Slipper

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Young children are exposed to princes and princesses through books, television shows, or films. The charm depicted in these characters has made them so appealing to young children that becoming an actual prince or princess is practically every kid 's fantasy. Some parents and educators find these characters appropriate and harmless to be shown to kids; however, many may argue that these characters have a negative influence on kids. In three different versions of the classic fairy tale Cinderella – Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella: Or, The Little Glass Slipper,”
The Grimm Brothers “Ashputtle,” and Tanith Lee’s “When The Clock Strikes,” – The most well- known story of all demonstrates that Princes and princesses do not serve as good role models because they give children the impression of unrealistic standards of beauty by promoting poor self-image, they impose false hope that every relationship ends happily, and they teach unrealistic morals.

Princes and princesses are portrayed in a way that puts so much emphasis on physical beauty which increases poor self-esteem in young children. Princes and princesses always show importance to their appearance. In the short story “Cinderella,” author Perrault presents the two step sisters as being completely immersed in their looks. The narrator notes that: “I shall wear my red velvet with the lace trimming,” said the eldest, ‘’’There’s always my diamond necklace’ said the youngest” (54). This particular
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