Charles Perrault’s Fairytales

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The Introduction: Fairytales are stories that have some magical aspects. They usually tell a story about a castle and times when kings ruled the land. I always loved the princesses in these stories. When I was young, I would dress up as them. My friends and I would act out the stories. They usually teach a lesson. I always wanted the princess to escape of find a happy ending. Most fairytales end with “Happily ever after.” Stories give us a distraction and a fantasy from real life. Stories give us a somewhat perfect picture of life. We try to make our lives reflect the story in some way. Most people even paint others as evil or mean, like the villains in the story. This paper’s purpose is to incorporate fairy tales and their…show more content…
She is faced with troubles trying to prohibit her from her happy ending, of marrying the prince. Another fairy tale that is very well-liked is “Little Red Riding Hood.” In this story, Little Red Riding Hood is on a quest to go to her grandmother’s house. An evil wolf tricks her and ends up eating her in the end. The readers of fairy tales have been using these stories as examples for their lives, since the 18th century. Since fairy tales set and example for real life situations, it is important to see the naivety of the main character is a main reason why the evil enemies are able to take advantage of them so effortlessly. In the fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty in the Wood”, the princess’ curiosity captivates her and she pricks her finger, on the spindle. The evil old fairy barely had to use her magic powers on the girl. In “Little Red Riding Hood”, her curiosity of the grandma’s different looks and gullibility gets her close enough to the wolf for her to be eaten, in the end. Also, in the fairy tale “Blue Beard”, the young wife wants to open the locked closet door. Her curiosity guides her to do so, which leads her husband to put her in a dangerous situation and almost death. Therefore, it is important to realize and understand the naivety of characters in the stories and their confrontations with evil characters. Fairy tales offer a solution to the problem faced in the story, with

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